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Harness the power of Server-Side Tagging in GTM TO Take control of Your Marketing DAta!

Join Simo Ahava's Server-Side Tagging Program and:

  • Lead your clients and organization into the future of data collection and enrichment.
  • Take control of your data so you can bring clarity and confidence back to your marketing budget.
  • Move to 100% 1st party data collection... And say goodbye to vulnerable browser-based solutions!
  • Take advantage of a unique and limited opportunity to study under THE #1 authority on GTM strategy and technique.

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Sick of vendors stealing your data? Let’s talk about how to take back control so YOU OWN your most valuable asset!

It seems to happen more and more these days…

You spent months testing, tweaking, and iterating your marketing plans.

And you’re finally seeing the results. The trend lines are pointing up.

Your attribution is making sense.

And your ROI is starting to look downright impressive.

Then, like a thief in the night, the vendors sneak in and steal your data. (Yeah, I’m looking at you Facebook and Apple... thanks for nothing!)

With little to no warning,  you're deprived of the critical information you NEED to guide your decision-making.

All of a sudden your marketing reports are next to useless. And, where there used to be certainty and clarity, you’re now once again staring into the abyss of the unknown. 

The REAL problem here is this:

The vendors control the data, so they get to set the rules.

They get to decide how much you can and can’t see, as well as what you can and can’t know.

So what do you do? Allow the vendors to steer your vision in the direction of their greedy ambitions?

Or fight back?

Well, there is a solution that will allow you to OWN your data so you can take back control of this valuable asset.

It’s called Server-Side Tagging.

What server-side tagging does is it allows you to control the flow of information.

Server-side tagging

With traditional browser-based tagging, your data flows to the vendor before you ever get to see it.

BUT... with server-side tagging, the marketing data you collect goes directly to your servers before it goes anywhere else.

So, instead of your data being owned and controlled by a 3rd party, it’s owned by a 1st party (YOU!).

Server-side tagging isn’t brand new.

It’s been around for a while.

However, until recently, it was so costly and technically difficult to implement, it really wasn’t worth the headache.

This past summer a new innovation was introduced.

Google Tag Manager (GTM) now allows you to server-side tag your websites!

Server Side Tagging Google Marketing Platform

GTM is Google’s tool for adding tracking code to your website.

Using GTM, anyone (even those who don’t write code) can install tracking scripts and pixels.

And now with the introduction of Server-Side capabilities…

You can use GTM to take “first-party” control of your data

No more allowing the vendors to decide what they will and won’t let you see.

Instead, using server-side tagging, you get to decide how your data is distributed.

Server-side tagging has other benefits too. It can help you defeat ad blockers. And it can also help you comply with privacy regs.

Most ad blockers and tracking prevention systems strip third party scripts.

But server-side tagging doesn’t use client-based tracking. 

It deploys your scripts first-party, out of the reach of ad blockers and ITP technology.

Similarly, most privacy regs target browser-based tracking.

Server-side tagging doesn’t append your tracking scripts to a user’s browser.

If you’re a business owner or marketer… Using server-side tagging can bring clarity back to your reports, and confidence back to your budget. It can also fortify your data, protecting it from platform changes or cookie blockers.

If you’re a marketing agency or freelancer…. Server-side tagging is a high-value service you can provide to your clients. This solution can save your clients from experiencing "information gaps" that slow down marketing and cost them thousands!

Because server-side tagging in GTM is new, there’s not a lot of good documentation on it.

And although you don’t have to be a tech genius to use this feature, it’s not for novice GTM users.

Screwing up your implementation can result in lost data, inflated reporting, or a host of other mishaps.

That said, if you want to learn how to use server-side tagging now(before the big tech cookie wars evaporate all your critical data)... I have some exciting news.

For the first time ever you can…

Build your server-side tagging implementation under the instruction of the World’s leading GTM technician!

If you’re not familiar with Simo Ahava, all you need to know is this...

He’s regarded as the #1 authority on GTM implementation and data strategy.

His live workshops are routinely sold out. And, I can tell you from experience he’s an exceptional teacher.

At the top marketing conferences… Simo’s presentations are the talk of the event among attendees and other presenters.

Simo Ahava

Now, for the first time ever, Simo’s delivering an online course on server-side tagging.

But this is NO normal “watch the training videos Netflix style, then do nothing" kinda course.

As Simo describes it this a “task-based” course... meaning Simo is literally going to lead you through the action steps.

So by the time you finish this training, you’ll have completed a server-side tagging implementation.

This is an opportunity to build and deploy a functional server-side tagging installation for your business.

It's also a chance to acquire new techniques you can use to expand your services and attract clients.

Here, let me show you what you’ll experience as a participant in this unique training program…

Here’s what you’ll accomplish in Simmer's Server-Side Tagging Program:

Implement Everything

You Learn

Follow along with Simo, as he leads you step-by-by through server-side tagging implementation using his “task-based” approach

Develop Advanced

GTM Skills

Develop advanced, high-value GTM skills you can use to advance your career or land new clients

Lead Your Organization

Into the Future

Migrate to first-party data collection and gain control over your organization's most valuable marketing asset

Earn Your Server Side

Tagging Certification

Earn your certification in Server-Side Tagging from THE leading authority on GTM technique and strategy

60 Action-Based Lessons | Full Support Community | 7 Hours of Video Content

Who is this course for?

  • Marketing professionals who want to take their knowledge of GTM and expand it to cover cloud technologies
  • IT and developers who have been concerned with the proliferation of client-side tags and want to take steps to improve governance
  • Managers who understand how important it is to establish ownership over data collection and processing processes within an organization
  • Data privacy and security professionals who want to deploy and utilize tools and methods for protecting the user's right to control their data

Who shouldn’t take this course?

  • Marketers and developers who have don’t have any experience with Google Tag Manager (In order to keep pace in this course you should be familiar tracking codes, pixels, and the basics of GTM)
  • Organizations or business owners who don’t plan to migrate to server-side tagging

Get Lifetime Access to Simmer’s Server Side Tagging Program For $625 (And save $100)

Lead your organization into the future of first party data collection using server-side tagging!

Honestly, Simo has been my go-to GTM problem solver for years - and I'm not alone. There isn't a challenge he won't face and he's seen them all. If you've ever used an article by Simo to solve a problem, imagine adding a video and support component on top of it! You owe it to yourself to invest in Simo's course.

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About The Instructor


Simo Ahava is THE leading global authority on Google Tag Manager.

He has served as Developer Expert for Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager since 2014.

Simo is as well-known for his popular blog as he is for his impassioned and entertaining teachings on tag management and data collection.

Hailing from Espoo, Finland, Simo is one of the co-founders of 8-bit sheep - a digital marketing and data strategy consultancy. He also founded Simmer with his better half, Mari Ahava, earlier this year.

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Server-Side Tagging in GTM 


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