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 transform the trajectory of your business's future

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Hit the inflection point that most service-based businesses never will...

Dear fellow service-based business owner,

If you’ve been in business for a year or more, and you haven’t seen the growth you expected…

… Or if COVID-19 has taken a big bite of your revenue, then this will be the most important thing you read all year.

You see, most service providers I talk to think if they just keep doing what they are doing, growth will inevitably happen.

Yet, the reality is, if they don't make a change their expected growth curve looks more like this.

Now, not every business needs to realize “explosive” growth to survive. But, without at least a mini-growth spurt, an inflection point of some kind, it’s hard to achieve real freedom in your business.

Otherwise, you continue to live lead-to-lead, contract-to-contract. Every sudden downturn, overdue invoice, or economic shock can threaten to put your business on life support. And, It takes a never-ending 60+ hour a week effort just to keep the lights on. You walk the tight rope between burning out or shutting down.

You know what? I’ve been in that same position.

Here’s what my agency’s growth trajectory looked like during our first five years in business.

The next six years was a major transformation, completely changing the ceiling for our business.

How did this sudden explosion of growth happen?

One-by-one, my agency partners and I addressed these 11 key growth-drivers for service-based businesses. Here's what our Growth Scorecard looked like before we started making improvements. 

 And, here's what our Scorecard looked like a few years later.

Every investment we made in building our growth drivers paid off.  With every single improvement we made, we grew!

In fact, we grew so quickly we could barely hire new employees fast enough to keep pace. Over a six year period our revenue increased by 900%. And, we were recognized as an Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Business 5 straight years in a row.

Today, I want to share how you can leverage the same process I used to spark a new wave of growth for your business.

Use the next 90 days to position your business
for record-setting growth in 2021

The great thing about growing your business is that the increase in income isn't even the best part.

It's all the other stuff that comes with it...

  • Hand picking the clients you want to work with
  • Attracting other talented people to your business
  • Getting more out of working less
  • Having control of your future

I want to help you put your business on pace to achieve these outcomes.

Right now, I am accepting a select group of business owners into our Project Apollo Accelerator Program. In this program, you’ll assess and identify the problems that are limiting your business’s growth.

Then, using our system, you’ll build a plan that will bring the momentum back to your business. 

Here’s how the Accelerator works:

Project apollo Business Development Framework

The Project Apollo Framework

You’ll also get access to the Project Apollo Framework. This Framework includes videos and tools to assist you with planning, business development, lead genaration, and sales. 

Theses resources are the perfect complement for executing your growth-driving improvements. 

accountablity AnD Progress every week

Weekly Accountability

Each week, you’ll receive an email with your accountability action item.

The Project Apollo Framework will show you how to execute each of these accountability items. Then, after you complete each item, you’ll share your progress with me, so that you stay on track.

Completing these mini-assignments will help you build the kind of well-oiled business development machine most companies don't develop in a lifetime!

Expert Guidance when you need it

Weekly Q&A Videos

You’ll also have the opportunity to check-in with me every week. You can sumbit your progress or ask a question. And in response, I'll record a video consultation for you.

These consultations will allow you to get my direct feedback on your progress or challenges. And you can ask me about clients, hiring employees, or anything else you would like to "pick my brain" about.

Set the Right Goals 

The Data Driven Growth Forecasting Model

You'll use our forecasting model to create realistic financial growth goals for your business. This model will help you quickly and clearly see your path to success.  

From planning client revenue to business expenses... you'll use this roadmap to help you track your progress to your financials goals.

Bonus #1 ($500 Value): Identify Your best Growth OpportunitIes

The 11-Point Growth Scorecard

You'll do a Data Driven Growth Assessment. This Growth Assessment will score your business against 11 growth drivers  - The same growth drivers I used to turn my business around and help 100s of my sutdents.

Then you'll use your score to identify key areas of improvement that will deliver the biggest impact.

Bonus #2 ($500 Value): Put Your Business on the Hot Seat 

Monthly Hot Seats

You’ll be able to participate in our monthly hot seats. These hot seats will put the focus of the group on your business. 

And together, we’ll work to help you solve your biggest challenges. For the past few years, I’ve used hot seats to clear the roadblocks standing in the way of my business. Now, I want to provide that same experience for you.

After just the third session, I started getting more business than I ever have before.

thomas bosilevac

If you want to fast track your growth… 

don’t go it alone

Stop flying be the seat of you pants when it comes to businiess development. Instead, leverage our proven system the will force you to address your business's biggest needs :

Commitment: By joining Project Apollo, you’ll make a commitment to achieve the financial growth you want for your business. Sure, you could wait for a better time to do this. But, at some point, if you want your business to succeed, you’re going to have to make an all-in commitment. The best time to make that commitment is in the past. The second best time is TODAY.

Focus: As a service provider, you devote most of your time to fixing other people’s business. It’s the nature of the work. But, it can also be a distraction from what NEEDS to be your biggest priority - working on your business. In Proejct Apollo, you'll get the structure and driection that will allow you to put your focus on your business first.

Accountability: As a business owner, you’re the boss… which means it’s hard to hold yourself accountable. After all, you’re probably already working 60+ hours a week. But accountability isn’t about working harder. It’s about prioritizing the work that will truly transform your business. Proejct Apollo will hold you accountable for making the changes that will deliver the results you desire.

Is this opportunity right for you?

I’d love to accept everyone who wants to join the Project Apollo Accelerator Program. But, we have to limit space to make certain all our members get the attention they deserve. Also, not every business owner is ready for a program like this.

You should join this program if: 

  • You’re committed to solving business development problems for your business over the next 90 days
  • You can devote 4 to 5 hours a week to blocking out distractions and focusing on activities that will make an impact
  • You’re friendly, ambitious, and willing to put in the work to reach your goals

Reserve your seat in the Project Apollo Accelerator Program

Enrollment is limited - Get your application in today to be considered

Our Alumni have gone on to do big things!

Marcel Odena
Founder of Magnetica

Thomas Bosilevac
Founder & Director of Analytics of MashMetrics

CEO of Rita Barry & Co.

darren shaw
Founder of Whitespark

Founder & CEO of Siavak Analytics

Owner at & Co-Owner at Cinnamon Interactive

Founder of MARSH8

Kirk Williams
Owner of ZATO

Allen Walton
Founder at

nat eliason
CEO & Founder of Growth Machine

Chief Espresso Officer & Founder AdCaffeine

 There's A Method To My Madness... And When You Follow It, You Make Business Growth A Forgone Conclusion

Hi, in case you don’t know by now, I am Jeff Sauer. I’m a Partner at Three Deep Marketing, a 5-time Inc. 5000 award recipient, and Inc. Hall of Fame inductee.

I am also a professional data analyst and the founder of Data Driven. Since 2015, Data Driven's training programs have helped over 35,000 students master PPC Marketing, Data Analytics, and Agency Business Development.

As an agency owner, I have sold over ten million dollars in professional services since 2005. By becoming a Project Apollo member, you'll get to learn from me and the Data Driven team. Our mission will be to help you create a thriving business that brings excitement and stability to your life.

To me, your success is personal...

If you’re ready to apply to the Project Apollo Accelerator Program, you should know there is no other program like this on the market. Our 11-Point Assessment, Forecasting Model, and Project Apollo Growth Framework are 100% unique to Data Driven. You won’t find these tools or materials anywhere else.

And for me, your succces is personal. That's because I know what it feels like when your business has flatlined or taken a step backward. For years, I thought my business was stuck in a rut, doomed to mediocrity. But by working with the system I’m sharing with you, I was able to find a path forward.

I created this Accelerator Program so you can bring the momentum back to your business, too… without hiring $1,000/day mentors or coaches. Also, I want to share the system that led to explosive growth for my business and so many of my coaching students.

There are numerous consultants out there pitching their services to business's amazing how many of these experts have had their successes just by selling their information products and coaching programs to people looking to grow their business… Jeff Sauer is different - He's not only built his own agency...but he is also putting his selling expertise into practice today dealing with clients... If like me, you are looking to grow your business and expand your services into new sectors then you should definitely consider joining.

Simon Conor

The things that we’ve been doing, are things I’ve been wanting to do for years, but client work keeps getting in the way. The accountability and the group has definitely helped me build momentum.

Stephen Kennedy

Are you serious about growing your business?

I typically charge $1,000 an hour to do agency assessments. And more than $5,000 a month for hands-on training. But as a Project Apollo Accelerator Program member, you won’t pay $6000 a month. You won’t pay anywhere close to that. 

In fact, due to the current dynamics of the world, we have a signigifcant limited time credit avaiable to our members! Apply below, and if you're accepted, we'll share how to redeem your credit.

Here’s a quick reminder of everything you’re going to get in this program:

  • The Project Apollo Accelerator Framework 
  • Weekly progress towards your business goals using our accountability system and assigments
  • Monthly Hot seats where we put the full force of the Project Apollo Acceralator community behind improving your business
  • Weekly personalized Q&A videos
  •  The 11-Piont Data Driven Growth Scorecard and Asssesment

We accomplished more in the Accelerator than I know we would have accomplished in the next 6 years!

lorraine watson


How long does the program last?

Project Apollo is a 90-day program. Over the course of 90 days, you’ll receive 12 accountability items (one per week) that help you build up your business growth driver, quickly. Each accountability item comes with a ready-made template. These resources are there to help you simplify your growth driving improvements, and speed up your path to progress.

Once you complete Project Apollo, these resources are yours to keep for life. We know that business development is a cyclical process. There’s always room for improvement. So you’ll be able to return to the Project Apollo Framework, and reuse it anytime you need.

How much does this program cost?

The Project Apollo Accelerator normally costs $3,995. But when you apply today, for a limited time, you have the opportunity to get a special credit that will significantly reduce the cost of the program. Submit your application and contact us to find out more.

Can I work at my own pace?

Yes. Every week, you'll have an accountability item to complete. This program will push you to complete those items so that you don't get off track, or fail to make progress.

That said, life and business happen. Also, we know ambitious business owners will often want to spend more than a week working on their most important growth drivers. So once you complete the program, you'll have full access to your materials, guides, and video recordings for life. 

How will the Hot Seats work?

Once a month, we’ll hold a hot seat. All of our current Accelerator members and alumni will be invited to attend. During the hot seat, you’ll be placed in a break out room with other business owners who are well suited to help you advance your business. Each Hot Seat, you’ll get to meet new business owners who you can learn from and collaborate with. Everything that happens in our hot seats is 100% confidential. For this reason, the call are live only and will not be recorded.