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Over 50 Done For You resource and 10+ Skill Building Courses

Today, for just $70 more... you can join to the Insiders.  As Insider, you'll get access to Google Ads Mastery, Linked Jumpstart and 8 more Data Driven courses, as well as 50+ downloadable resources. 

  • The latest skills and techniques that are driving growth in Paid Media, Analytics, and Data Driven Marketing
  • Executive-level guidance and support so you can lead your business forward without getting stuck or wasting time 
  • ​Vetted referrals to new clients who have the budget and NEED for your skill set
  • Done-For-You resources that 80/20 your time and make you look like a pro in front of your clients and peers

The courses are incredible, but more than that, the community, events, perks, and ongoing releases elevate it from a nice-to-have to a must-have. Become a member, and you’ll see!

Rand FishKin, Founder of SparkToRo

Data Driven has trained digital marketers in over 1,000 organizations, including:

Should You Become a Data Driven Insider?

Well… Are YOU a service provider, marketer, or entrepreneur who values your time at $99 an hour or more?

If you are, here’s how you can get the maximum value for just one of those hours every month:

As a Data Driven Insider, you’ll get...

  • Direct Line expert guidance from someone who’s been where you want to go…  made the mistakes you’re thinking of making... and found a better, faster way to get the outcomes you want. (This one benefit alone could save you thousands of dollars a year!)
  • The opportunity to close vetted high-quality leads that NEED your unique skills. (These businesses are actively looking for help with Paid Media, Analytics, SEO, and more. Just one referral could grow into a cornerstone client).
  • New Done-For-You resources - (like pitch decks, client onboarding sequences, pre-built reports, etc.) - that will save you precious hours while helping you look like the ultimate pro in front of your clients and stakeholders.
  • 10+ five-star rated on-demand courses, and brand new Master Classes. (Our courses have helped thousands of digital marketers grow their skills to multiple 6-figure earning potential and beyond.)

Every successful entrepreneur has a dependable source they can turn to for guidance and wisdom. We designed this membership to be your secret sage. Expert consultation, unique in-demand skills, and professional level resources all in one package.

Keep reading to find out everything you can gain...

​Direct Line To Business Growth Expert Jeff Sauer

Direct Answers To Your Most Important Questions

Ever wish you had a Bat Phone for business advice?

Now you can. Your Insiders membership gives you the opportunity to ask award-winning agency owner and founder of Data Driven, Jeff Sauer, direct questions. And, in short order, you’ll get a recorded response with answers tailored to your specific question or challenges. 

Jeff is uniquely positioned to help you navigate your business through the uncertain times the world now faces.

Following the last major financial crises, Jeff grew his marketing agency from 6-figures in revenue to multiple 7-figures, while racking up 5 straight Inc. 5000 fastest Growing Company Awards!

As a Data Driven Insider, you’ll have a direct line to ask Jeff your most pressing business questions. You can ask questions about scenarios like…

  • How to retain clients or find new customers in a down economy
  • How to set and plan goals that are both ambitious and achievable
  • Which service or industry niche will give you the best opportunity to thrive
  • If you should pivot
  • How to navigate a partnership agreement or hire the right employee

Instead of stalling out on indecision, you can use this Insider perk to make the unknown KNOWN... and clear your biggest hurdles so you can grow your business quickly!

That was so helpful and saved me money!! Thank you so much for your focused response!

Mijah Godfrey

What you do is life changing. It doesn't just make you a few bucks. You teach people and empower them.

Clarence Ling

What I like most about being a Data Driven member is how hands on and accessible Jeff is..... He answers any questions you have relating to  your business or marketing.

AJ Scordio 

​Priority Client Matching

Yes, Service Providers, We Send You Leads!

When a new service request comes into Data Driven, we look through our directory to see which one of our members best fits the specifications of that request. If you’re business is a match, we’ll contact both you and the potential client with the details of the request.

Last year, we referred out over $500,000 worth of service contracts via our client matching program! Going forward, our Insiders will get the first opportunity to match up with the 100s of new leads that coming knocking at our door every month.

This is a great community... I acquired a new client the other week off the back of running my first GAds campaign only after a few weeks. Couldn’t have done that without your course. I’ve even managed to slash my CPC by a half.

Thomas Scoggins

​​Power Marketing and Business Skills

Master the Core Data Driven Skills that will allow you to 

Attract Customers And build a profitable business 

Right now, when you become an Insider, you’ll get access to our core business-building and marketing training programs. Individual licenses for all of these courses would cost you $5,490. But today, as a Data Driven Insider, you’ll get all these programs as part of your membership. And, you'll also get our upcoming brand new courses as they're released (at no extra cost).

I used the ideas from your course to identify my niche... and  price a value driven proposal for a prospect ... We signed a contract with a retainer which is 5x of what I used to charge and a nice setup fee!


Halfway through your course and already had my first sale on Google Ads in the first 24 hours since setting up a brand new campaign. First time I've made a Search campaign in 6 years.

​Allen Walton

Expert Trainings And Done-For-You Digital Marketing Tools

Monthly Master Classes And New Resources

The Latest Techniques in Data Driven Marketing

Done-For-You Resources and Tools

You'll also be able to take advantage of our stockpile of Done-For-You resources. This arsenal of growth hacking tools includes:

  • Advertising budget calculators
  • Tracking and targeting roadmaps
  • Pre-Built Data Studio reports for Advertising, SEO,  and Ecommerce 
  • Marketing action plans
  • And more!

The Insider Consultation Vault

A Cache of Searchable, Easy-To-Consume Business and marketing Solutions 

Get access to our previously unreleased vault of business consultations. We’ve archived all our one-on-one consultations (and made them 100% anonymous), so we can share these straight-to-the-point consulting sessions with you. 

You'll find actionable answers to questions like, how to:

  • Sell services during a pandemic
  • Raise capital for a new business (right now)
  • Establish yourself as an authority in your industry
  • Scale a business past the $2 million revenue mark
  • Grow an audience using Facebook and Youtube
  • Generate leads without a big budget

You can use the vault find answers to the challenges you're facing. Or you can peruse the greatest hits, and absorb this fast-action content, so you’re one step ahead of your next obstacle.

Every week, we'll release a new batch of consultations. And we'll share the top recordings with you in our Insiders Only Newsletter.

Risk-Free Insider Guarantee

Come and enjoy your Insiders membership for the next 30-days. If, after 30-days, you’re not blown away by the value of this membership, you’re free to cancel. We'll courteously refund the remainder of your annual membership fee. Also, both monthly and annual members are always free to cancel their membership before their next payment.

Become A Data Driven Insider

The Insider Advantage

Today, for just $70 more... you can join to the Insiders.  As Insider, you'll get access to Google Ads Mastery, Linked Jumpstart and 8 more Data Driven courses, as well as 50+ downloadable resources. 



Which training programs are included in my membership?

As of today, there are 10 Data Driven Trainings included in our Insider’s membership packages:

Agency Jumpstart, Sales Jumpstart, Data Studio Mastery, Google Ads Mastery, Google Analytics Mastery, The Linked Outreach Bootcamp, The Agency Survival Bootcamp, The Agency Lead Generation Bootcamp, FB Ads Bootcamp, and Google Ads Bootcamp.

We will also be adding new training programs and master classes in the coming months.

How often will new material be released?

We plan to release a new training, master class, or resource every month. Part of the privilege of being an Insider is that you’ll always get immediate access to these new materials when they’re released. And you'll be notified via our Insider's Only newsletter any time an new training, master class or resource is released.

How does the priority client matching system work?

When a new service request comes into Data Driven, we look through our directory to see which one of our members best fits the specification of that request. If your business is a match, we’ll contact both you and the potential client with the details of the request.

How do I submit my questions for Direct Line Consultations?

You’ll have access to our Insiders Only consultation submission form. You can use the form to provide the details of your question. Then, we’ll answer questions as they come in.

We’ll include a reminder to submit your question in our Insiders newsletter every week. And as long as you submit your question before the cut off that week, you’ll get an answer the following week.

What happens if I cancel my membership?

If you choose to cancel your membership, you’ll lose access to your Insiders Only resources, as well as our Direct Line consultations, and our consultation archives. You’ll also lose access to any training courses or resources you didn’t previously purchase outright.

We understand changes and unforeseen circumstances come up. So if you need to cancel your membership, you always have the option to do so before your next monthly or yearly payment.

BUT… with everything that’s coming your way over the next few months, we doubt you’ll ever want to leave the Data Driven Insiders. Today is just the beginning. Over the next few months, we have a veritable barrage of new Master Classes and resources coming your way.

So, join us today. And buckle up, because it’s going to be a fast and fun ride!


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