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Data Driven Skill Accelerators

google aDs mastery

Crack the code to generating consistent profits from Google Ads

  • Build your account to deliver profit generating data from day-1
  • Train Google to show you untapped, low-cost advertising opportunities
  • Increase your conversions and reduce wasted ad spend using the"Ads-Life-Cycle" technique

google analytics mastery

Turn your website data into more traffic, conversions, and sales

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customer so you can increase your sales and conversions
  • Simplify tracking the metrics and data that matter so can reduce wasted time and lower costs
  • Enhance your marketing credentials by earning your Google Analytics Certification

data studio mastery

The secret time-saving reporting system every marketer needs

  • Get plug-and-play Data Studio dashboard templates for SEO, PPC, and more
  • Automate your reporting using Google Data Studio and save hours of time
  • Identify and track KPIs for every stage of your marketing funnel

​Paid Media Fast-Action Strategy Bootcamps

google ads bootcamp

A crash course on creating a profit-driven strategy for Google Ads

  • Set your budget and profit-maximizing targets using the Data Driven Google Ads calculators
  • Build the winning account structure that Google doesn’t want you to know about

fb ads bootcamp

A  5-day course on setting your budget, targets and action plan for Facebook Ads

  • Set your budget and profit-maximizing targets using the Data Driven FB Ads calculators
  • Execute a proven step-by-step strategy by following our Facebook Ads Playbook

The Ultimate Business Builders Power Pack

agency jumpstart

A real-world guide on how to build a highly profitable service based business (taught by  someone who's actually Done It!)

  • The six revenue engines all agency owners must understand how to leverage
  • How to find your agencies lead generation superpower so you always attract more business than you need
  • The keys to spotting and avoiding the temptations that sabotage most up-and-coming agencies

sales jumpstart

A battle-tested lead generation and deal-closing system

  • Proven lead generation tactics that require zero cold prospecting
  • Done-For-You proposal templates that will help you close more deals and save you hours of work
  • Step-By-Step strategies that will increase your revenue from existing clients

linked jumpstart

Your "Journey Map" to landing the best clients in any industry

  • Fill your pipeline with qualified leads, working only 30-45 minutes a day
  • Learn the "no spam", "no ad" method behind high ticket sales
  • Turn cold conversations into real leads while building your reputation

Business Strategy Bootcamps

agency lead generation bootcamp

A crash course on generating leads for your consulting, freelancing, or agency business

  • Build your lead generation master plan using our Data Driven Agency Growth Model
  • Discover how to pack the top of your sales funnel with new leads

linkedin outreach bootcamp

The fundamentals behind building an organic B2B lead generation system using LinkedIn

  • Create a laser targeted list of people you can actually connect with who match your ideal client profile
  • Discover how to measure, track, and achieve your outreach KPIs so you hit your sales goals

agency survival


A  hands-on mini-course on how to  position your business to survive and thrive in the face of economic uncertainty

  • Techniques and strategies for finding growth areas during a bear market
  • Tactics for getting a head start on the growth opportunities that will lead the way in the new economy

Over 50 Ready-Made Insider Resources

paid media tools & frameworks

  • Budget and Profit Calculators
  • Optimization Checklists
  • Marketing roadmaps
  • Retargeting Guides

tracking & reporting templates

  • SEO Dashboard
  • 1-Click Website Performance Report
  • ACES 1-Page Marketing Goals Scorecard
  • Consolidated PPC (Google + Facebook + Bing) Report

service-based business power tools

  • Proposal Templates
  • Clients-to-Profit Forecasting Calculator
  • Onboarding Roadmaps
  • Hiring Plans

New Master Classes and Workshops

June 2nd, 2020

Budgeting for profit

Recording Available Now

  • Learn how to position your business or marketing budget to produce profits in good times and bad
  • Get the "3 Scenarios" Revenue Forecasting Model

June - August 2020

The starting from zero 8-part workshop series

Catch-up on the recordings and participate live

  • 8 Hands-on workshops that show you how to start a service-based business from scratch

June 11th, 2020

audience intelligence & research with rand fishkin 

Recording Available Now

  • Discover how use SparkToro to reveal audience insights your competitors haven't uncovered yet

June 30th, 2020

facebook ads copywriting frameworks

Coming soon

  • A case study of the Facebook Ads copywriting techniques that are working now!

Lead Matching

When a new service request comes into Data Driven, we look through our directory to see which one of our Insiders members best fits the specifications of that request.

Last year, we referred out over $500,000 worth of service contracts via our lead matching program! 

Expert Guidance and Support

Ever wish you had a Bat Phone for business and marketing advice?

Now you can. Your Insiders membership gives you the opportunity to ask award-winning agency owner and founder of Data Driven, Jeff Sauer, direct questions. And, in short order, you’ll get a recorded response with answers tailored to your specific question or challenges. 

Jeff is uniquely positioned to help you navigate your business through the uncertain times the world now faces.

Following the last major financial crises, Jeff grew his marketing agency from 6-figures in revenue to multiple 7-figures, while racking up 5 straight Inc. 5000 fastest Growing Company Awards!

Get expert answers to your most urgent questions using your Insiders monthly direct line consultation

Over $10,000 worth of Skill Accelerators, Frameworks, And Insider Resources... Yes - All that (and More) is included in your Data Driven Insiders Membership

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Which training programs are included in my membership?

As of today, there are 10 Data Driven Trainings included in our Insider’s membership packages:

Agency Jumpstart, Sales Jumpstart, Data Studio Mastery, Google Ads Mastery, Google Analytics Mastery, The Linked Outreach Bootcamp, The Agency Survival Bootcamp, The Agency Lead Generation Bootcamp, FB Ads Bootcamp, and Google Ads Bootcamp.

We will also be adding new training programs and master classes in the coming months.

How often will new material be released?

We plan to release a new training, master class, or resource every month. Part of the privilege of being an Insider is that you’ll always get immediate access to these new materials when they’re released. And you'll be notified via our Insider's Only newsletter any time an new training, master class or resource is released.

How does the priority client matching system work?

When a new service request comes into Data Driven, we look through our directory to see which one of our members best fits the specification of that request. If your business is a match, we’ll contact both you and the potential client with the details of the request.

How do I submit my questions for Direct Line Consultations?

You’ll have access to our Insiders Only consultation submission form. You can use the form to provide the details of your question. Then, we’ll answer questions as they come in.

We’ll include a reminder to submit your question in our Insiders newsletter every week. And as long as you submit your question before the cut off that week, you’ll get an answer the following week.

What happens if I cancel my membership?

If you choose to cancel your membership, you’ll lose access to your Insiders Only resources, as well as our Direct Line consultations, and our consultation archives. You’ll also lose access to any training courses or resources you didn’t previously purchase outright.

We understand changes and unforeseen circumstances come up. So if you need to cancel your membership, you always have the option to do so before your next monthly or yearly payment.

BUT… with everything that’s coming your way over the next few months, we doubt you’ll ever want to leave the Data Driven Insiders. Today is just the beginning. Over the next few months, we have a veritable barrage of new Master Classes and resources coming your way.

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