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Grab our Data Studio Template Pack today, and get:

  • Clear-as-day marketing reports that will make you look like a seasoned pro in front of your clients
  • PPC, SEO, and Funnel dashboards that will instantly show you where you're performing well and where you can make big gains
  • Easy to use professionally designed templates that allow you to complete your reporting in minutes
  • A set of live automated dashboards that monitor your business's vital signs 24/7

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Wow, way to over deliver guys, great job, thank you!

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Reporting Made Easy...

Do you know what I love more than anything? Spending endless hours tabulating data and turning it into pretty pictures so my clients and stakeholders can understand their marketing metrics…


Don’t get me wrong, marketing analysis is great. But tinkering with reports up until the last minute they're due…. Or trying to design a dashboard that’s so clear even Fred in HR understands it is not!

These all too common reporting headaches are why I created the Data Studio Template Pack.

Inside this Template Pack, you’ll find my One-Click Total Website Report, The Consolidated PPC Dashboard, My ACES Marketing Funnel Report, the "Keywords Included" SEO Report and more!!

All of these reports took me hours to build. And, on the open market, I would charge a hefty $500/hour fee to create these assets.

But today, I am sharing these ultra-satisfying, proprietary dashboards with you for a mere fraction of that price.

When you purchase this reporting pack, you can download the reports, plug them into your marketing platforms… and BOOM!

Instant analysis and KPI updates!

If you’re ready to stop wasting your time pulling numbers and fiddling with dashboard formats…

... Grab my Data Studio Template Pack today!

Here’s what you’ll find inside my Data Studio Template Pack

Consolidated PPC Dashboard

FB, Google, and Bing Ads all in one report. And, three separate tabs with each platform broken down individually. We make it easy to show your clients the value of your work!

SEO Dashboard

The (Keywords Included) complete SEO report. Google won’t give you your organic keyword data. But we’ve found a way around that.

Year-in-Review Dashboard

A complete website marketing report (Don't let the name fool you. You can display any period of website data - weekly, monthly, or yearly)

Product Launch Dashboard

The simple, plain-as-day way to review the performance of your product launches 

The Monthly Report Template

Use this boardroom-tested, Fortune-500-client-approved PowerPoint template to deliver all your monthly reports.

Black Friday Dashboard v2.0

Instead of crunching numbers post-holiday sales season, plug this report into your eComm database, see an instant update on your results, and get some much-needed rest.

Youtube Performance Dashboard v2.0

Use this dashboard to follow the data-driven path to youtube stardom and track the real value of your video content.

ACES Dashboard

This simple yet detailed template uses scorecards and goals-against-actuals trackers to show you how your marketing team is doing.

Report & Dashboard Design Checklist

The checklist you can use to deliver valuable and actionable analysis to your client and stakeholders in all your reports.

ACES Strategy Planner

The Framework that shows you how to analyze and report on all levels of your marketing plan - Top, Middle, and Bottom-of-funnel in one Dashboard.

8 Downloadable Data Studio Report Templates | 2 Bonus Interactive Reporting Assets

Who is this template pack for?

  • Marketers who want professionally designed, automated reports they can use to show off their results to clients and stakeholders
  • Business Owners and Managers who want a simple way to put their KPIs in plain sight and keep an eye on their marketing team’s progress
  • Digital Entrepreneurs who are obsessive about tracking their numbers

Who shouldn’t purchase this template pack?

  • Marketers who don’t use Google Data Studio
  • Anyone who does NOT use Google Analytics or does NOT have at least a novice level understanding of Google Data Studio


Your arsenal of expert-designed, ready-made marketing reports

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