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Complex subjects made easy - Love all of Jeffs courses. He’s good at explaining things and you need someone like that for a complex subject such as analytics. Would highly recommend it.


Data Driven has trained digital marketers in over 1,000 organizations, including:

Google Analytics 4 - It’s new, It’s the future, and it’s NOT what you’re used to…

Have you checked out Google Analytics 4 yet?

If you have, you probably noticed it’s nothing like the good ol’ Universal Analytics we are used to.

Aside from a few familiar menus, everything is different.

Despite over a decade of experience in Google Analytics, when I first logged into GA4 I was dumbfounded.

Where are the views? How do you set up filters? Where is the conversion tracking?

Google Analytics 4 Admin

It took me a few days of tinkering and reading through dry-as-desert-sand documentation to figure out how all this stuff works.

But, when I discovered the best way to enable all these must-have features... I documented everything.

And I put all this vital information into an easy to follow, step-by-step process - The GA4 Action Plan.

Whether you’re brand new to using Google Analytics, or you have some experience…

... my Action Plan will help you get up running with GA4 the RIGHT way, right away.

The Action Plan includes a checklist, a guide, and one video.

Using these resources you can save yourself hours and avoid the common implementation headaches others are suffering.

I’ll show you how to install your tracking code the easy way.

I’ll reveal how to set up GA4 in parallel with your current analytics set up, so you don’t lose any data or break your website.

And, I’ll give you a long term plan to customize GA4 for your specific needs.

When you follow the Action Plan you won’t have to spend hours sifting through confusing support threads.

Instead, I’ll break down each critical step you need to follow into a simple action item.

And, I’ll explain how to execute those steps in plain English.

Here's What You'll Find Inside

GA4 Action Plan

A 26-page straightforward guide that explains the important steps in setting up your GA4 account

A step-by-step checklist that shortcuts you path to tracking your website using GA4

An over the shoulder video showing a GA4 installation

Your Gameplan for customizing and optimizing your GA4 account over the next 6-months

 2 Exclusive Resources | The Guide & Checklist + One Video Masterclass 

Who is this for?

  • Website owners who want to install and start using GA4 account now, so they have control over their website data   
  • Marketing service providers who want a repeatable process for helping their clients migrate to GA4
  • Marketers who want to start building their GA4 skills so they can develop expertise in this emerging technology

Who is this NOT for?

  • Marketers who don't see any value tracking their website data
  • Website owners who would rather pay a consult to install GA4 for them

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Get your new GA4 account installed and tracking your website the right way, today!

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... another client accepted my "Google Analytics 4" deal. The entire offer was based on Jeff Sauer's excellent GA4 guide and video

MArco Kramer

About The Instructor

Jeff Sauer

Hi, I’m Jeff Sauer, but you might know me as Jeffalytics. I was one of the first people to beta test Google Analytics in 2005, and have maintained a love for the product ever since.

 As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, I helped manage thousands of Google Analytics accounts and provide insights to organizations of all sizes. I am also a partner in a 5x Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Business award-winning Marketing Agency in St. Paul, MN.

But more importantly… these days, I am a full-time educator. Since 2015, I’ve launched several successful online training programs while helping over 17,000 students master PPC Marketing, Data Analytics, and Agency Business Development.

"My mission is to make learning digital marketing easy and fun for you!"

THE Ga4 action plan

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