SMALL Data Workshop Bonus +  50% Off Insiders Expires in:


Marketing Managers, PPC’s, SEO’s, Lead Gen’s, and Business Owners:

Discover how to…

Use (SMALL) Data to 2X Your Results this YEAR...

Without increasing your budget or wasting another dollar

Fellow marketer, Advertiser, and Digital Entrepreneur:

It’s there every day when you start your day…

It demands your attention. Consumes meetings. Leads to endless email chains. And it chews up hours of back and forth for explanation and interpretation.

The peaks and valleys of traffic, the rankings, the ad scores, the click-through rates, the latest sales figures.

Yes, data is critical to marketing performance.

BUT it’s not always clear which metrics or indicators you should focus on.

Also, with vendors and platforms injecting their own greedy bias into your data, things can get confusing and misleading fast.

This is why data is a weakness for so many businesses.

They simply don’t have the skill to interpret and act on the data they collect…

… Which is a shame, because being deficient in data-driven marketing skills can cost your business insane amounts of time and money.

It can lead to going in the wrong direction for weeks or months...

  • Missing your projections
  • Blowing your budget
  • Or even worse, not getting your marketing campaigns launched at all!

On the other hand, collecting and using the RIGHT marketing data can:

  • Remove the guesswork from your marketing
  • Give you confidence in your decision making and actions
  • Turn small investments into outsized profits

More importantly, data-driven marketing skills can help you deliver exponential growth to your business, company, or clients.

"Data driven organizations are 23 times more likely to acquire customers, six times as likely to retain those customers, and 19 times as likely to be profitable as a result."

- Mckinsey Global Institute

The bottom line is, in this day and age every form of marketing, advertising, Lead Gen, Email... it all runs on data.

It’s the beginning and end point of every campaign, project or initiative.

Which is why we created a unique community to help give you unstoppable and scalable advantage in this area.

This community is called the Data Driven Insiders.

What is the Data Driven Insiders?

The Data Driven Insiders is an exclusive community of over 300 rising marketing professionals and digital entrepreneurs from around the world.

It’s the ONLY place you can:

  • Tap into the complete collection of Data Driven methods and systems.  From Ads to SEO to Lead Gen ... these programs can help you achieve uncommon results.

I must say that the results were fantastic! I was able to increase my sales and understand the user behavior…  PortraitFlip became half a million-dollar company with Data Driven U being one of the major reasons...

Sunny Choudhary

  • Get unlimited support, troubleshooting and advice from a team of expert marketing agency owners(Not chatbots or interns… These are real data-driven marketers who are in-the-trenches leading campaigns everyday.) Instead of losing hours or weeks to tracking errors or confusion... our members use the "Experts" to get the job done fast and right.
  • Receive weekly news updates on how to respond or capitalize on the latest changes in digital marketing. These weekly updates are like a secret weapon. You get checklists, one-clicks solutions, and straightforward action plans that keep you ahead of industry-shifting changes... and your competition.

And there’s also our newest edition to the Insiders...

Introducing The SMALL Data Workshops!  

The SMALL Data Workshops are a new opportunity designed to help you double your marketing results in the next 6 months.

Here’s how it works…

Starting August 5th, you can attend an exclusive workshop with our Founder, Jeff Sauer.

This is a rare opportunity to work hand-in-hand with a leader in the field of Data-Driven Marketing.

During this workshop, you can meet with Jeff and develop a focused plan of action.  Together, you will:

  • Use the SMALL Data framework to help you identify the most important KPIs to accelerate your growth.
  • Develop a simple plan to track, measure, and scale your progress.
  • And, Jeff will show you which specific Insider resources and systems you should use to give your campaigns an immediate boost

Going forward, you’ll be able to attend our monthly SMALL data workshops. You can check in with the Data Driven Team to report your progress. You can use our team to keep yourself on track and get help hitting your targets!

Typically, you wouldn't be able to get this type of hands-on help without attending one of Jeff's University level programs. And those programs cost upwards of $2,800!

But right now…

... when you become an Insider these workshops are part of your membership.

And with the combination of a focused data-driven action plan…

Our Insider resources…

And our expert support team…

You can set yourself up to make progress like you never have before!

For example, let’s say you want to…

Have your best 6 months in advertising

When most marketing programs or “coaches” teach online advertising they focus on tactics.

Tactics can be powerful. Yet every tactic has a limited shelf-life. So ONLY learning tactics is a way to get stuck on the “shiny objects” hamster wheel.

Plus, there is NO “this tactic works in every situation for every advertiser” solution. It just doesn’t exist.

What does work 100% of the time?

Well, at its core every online advertising platform is an algorithm.

And, here’s how those algorithms operate.

You feed them data. They run permutations and give you data back.

It’s a push-pull exchange.

If you understand how to feed, nourish, and replenish the algorithms, you can have amazing success with advertising.

“Hasn’t this changed due to iOS and Intelligent Tracking Prevention?”

No! In fact, it’s become more important for YOU to feed the algorithms better data.

Google and Facebook have fewer of their own data points to help them target your audiences.

This change means the skilled data-driven advertiser has a bigger advantage in these markets than ever before.

The programs you’ll find in the Insiders show you how to make data your biggest strength in advertising.

And when you follow the methods in these programs… exceptional results can happen fast!

 Had my first sale on Google Ads in the first 24 hours since setting up a brand new campaign. First time I've made a Search campaign in 6 years. Thank you!

Allen Walton

I've just launched a campaign for a legal niche that's very difficult because of COVID. I used a DD Play and the FB Campaign Structure and FB Copywriting Technique... Today is the first campaign day and we have 𝟴 𝗹𝗲𝗮𝗱𝘀 𝗮𝘁 $𝟯.𝟬𝟬 𝗮 𝗹𝗲𝗮𝗱! In a time where coronavirus has affected this niche, this is an excellent first day for the client! 𝗗𝗮𝘁𝗮 𝗗𝗿𝗶𝘃𝗲𝗻 𝗪𝗼𝗿𝗸𝘀!

Clarence Ling

Turn website data into more traffic conversion and sales… (or even a thriving freelance business!)

As an Insider, you’ll also get access to all our web analytics data tracking resources

In or Google Analytics, GTM, and Data Studio programs you’ll discover:

  • How to track your website and campaigns with precision so your results are clear and scalable
  • Customize your marketing reports to reveal opportunities to boost your conversion or sales
  • Use the data you collect to become a strategic thought leader for your company or clients
  • And, even develop a thriving business providing Google Analytics services

Best $ I've spent on deepening my knowledge in like… 4 years. Seriously.

Keep up the amazing work, I am slowly converting people to the power of ACES one consultation at a time 😊 

Allison Knott

Alllllright folks! It's almost the end of January and another client accepted my "Google Analytics 4" deal. The entire offer was based on Jeff Sauer's excellent GA4 migration presentation and pdf.  You wanna know what is so great about it? After they pay me, I will have earned back the subscription fee for DD Insiders 🙂. And we are only in the first month!

Marco Kramer

Let Me Show You EVERYTHING That’s Included In Your Data Driven Insiders Membership:

Every month we provide our Insiders members with new workshops and resources, giving them a competitive advantage.

Our members also have full access to a library of online trainings. If you’re looking to sharpen your skills …You’ll find no better value than an Insiders membership.

  • Asset #1 - 7 Data Driven Skill Courses for Google and Facebook Ads (Value: $4,693)
  • Asset #2 - Access to 26 Masterclasses and Monthly workshops (Value: $4,554)
  • Asset #3 - 60 Frameworks, Process Maps, and Action Plans (Value: $6,000)
  • Asset #4 - Expert Guidance, Support, and Community (Value: $2,000)
  • Asset #5 - The Small Data Workshop + all future workshops (Value: $2,000) 
  • Asset #6 - The ACES Sessions (Value: $10,000)

Asset #1 The Data Driven Skill Accelerators

As an Insider, you'll have access to our library of skill accelerating Mastery programs. These programs will help you gain confidence and earning power using the world's leading marketing platforms. Our Google Ads and Analytics Mastery programs also prepare you to enhance your credentials by earning your Google marketing certifications.

Two Brand new Bonuses when you Join the Insiders Now!

google analytics 2021

Gain a First-Mover Advantage with Google Analytics 4

  • Develop high-value expertise that millions of businesses will covet as they transition to a new world of marketing data
  • Prepare your business and your clients for one of the most transformative evolutions in data-driven marketing
  • Own a toolkit you can use to start doing GA4 implementations today!


Even iOS 14 can't stop the Data Driven System for FB Ads

  • Learn the "Six Buckets" targeting technique that optimizes you ad spend, and speeds up your prospects path-to-purchase
  • Get the plug-and-play iOS 14 proof tracker that turns every website hit into conversion-focused fuel for your ads
  • Discover how to protect your budget while besting your rivals in the FB Ads Auction

Become a Master of the Google Marketing Platform


Crack the code to generating consistent profits from Google Ads

  • Build your account to deliver profit generating data from day-one
  • Train Google to show you untapped, low-cost advertising opportunities
  • Increase your conversions and reduce wasted ad spend using the"Ads-Life-Cycle" technique


Turn your website data into more traffic, conversions, and sales

  • Gain a deeper understanding of your customer so you can increase your sales and conversions
  • Simplify tracking the metrics and data that matter so you can reduce wasted time and lower costs
  • Enhance your marketing credentials by earning your Google Analytics Certification


Make your advertising and analytics 10X more effective

  • Discover how to use GTM to make your marketing campaigns more efficient and targeted
  • Learn how to add 70+ advertising and analytics tools to your website using code-free tag templates
  • Master the hidden secrets “technical marketers” use to gain a competitive edge


The secret time-saving reporting system every marketer needs

  • Get plug-and-play Data Studio dashboard templates for SEO, PPC, and more
  • Automate your reporting using Google Data Studio and save hours of time
  • Identify and track KPIs for every stage of your marketing funnel

Skill Accelerators, Frameworks, And Expert Support... Yes - All That (And More) Is Included In Your Data Driven Insiders Gold Membership!

  • Asset #1 - 7 Data Driven Skill Courses for Google and Facebook Ads (Value: $4,693)
  • Asset #2 - Access to 26 Masterclasses and Monthly workshops (Value: $4,554)
  • Asset #3 - 60 Frameworks, Process Maps, and Action Plans (Value: $6,000)
  • Asset #4 - Expert Guidance, Support, and Community (Value: $2,000)
  • Asset #5 - The Small Data Workshop + all future workshops (Value: $2,000) 
  • Asset #6 - The ACES Sessions (Value: $10,000)

Asset #2 Every. Single. Workshop and Masterclass.

This is where we reveal the latest tactics, tips and strategic intelligence from the best in our business. Every month, we bring you timely expertise you can turn into immediate and compounding gains. 

Apr 2022

Google Data Studio with Ahmad Kanani

Sales Page (Annual)

Recording Available Now

Mar 2022

Google Tag Manager with Simo Ahava

Sales Page (Annual)

Recording Available Now

Feb 2022

Google Ads Automation Intensive Workshop

Sales Page (Annual)

Recording Available Now

Jan 2022

Ecommerce Reporting with Google Analytics Workshop

Sales Page (Annual)

Recording Available Now

Dec 2021

2021 Year in Review Data Studio Template

Sales Page (Annual)

Recording Available Now

Dec 2021

2021 DD Insiders Year in Review and 2022 Preview

Sales Page (Annual)

Recording Available Now

Dec 2021

2022 Promotion and Revenue Planner

Sales Page (Annual)

Recording Available Now

Nov 2021

Black Friday/ Cyber Monday Command Center

Sales Page (Annual)

Recording Available Now

One of these assets alone can change the Trajectory of your business or career! (Like it has for our other members)

  • Asset #1 - 7 Data Driven Skill Courses for Google and Facebook Ads (Value: $4,693)
  • Asset #2 - Access to 26 Masterclasses and Monthly workshops (Value: $4,554)
  • Asset #3 - 60 Frameworks, Process Maps, and Action Plans (Value: $6,000)
  • Asset #4 - Expert Guidance, Support, and Community (Value: $2,000)
  • Asset #5 - The Small Data Workshop + all future workshops (Value: $2,000) 
  • Asset #6 - The ACES Sessions (Value: $10,000)

Asset #3 Over 40 Proven Digital Marketing Shortcuts

Your insiders membership includes access to all our proven templates, checklists and action plans. These are the same propriety resources our Data Driven experts use to gain a competitive advantage. With this go-to cache of shortcuts at your disposal.... you'll be able to turn your new skills into immediate progress.  

paid media tools & frameworks

  • Budget and Profit Calculators
  • Optimization Checklists
  • Marketing roadmaps
  • Retargeting Guides

tracking & reporting templates

  • SEO Dashboard
  • 1-Click Website Performance Report
  • ACES 1-Page Marketing Goals Scorecard
  • Consolidated PPC (Google + Facebook + Bing) Report

Finally have everything you need to excel at Data Driven marketing in one place

  • Asset #1 - 7 Data Driven Skill Courses for Google and Facebook Ads (Value: $4,693)
  • Asset #2 - Access to 26 Masterclasses and Monthly workshops (Value: $4,554)
  • Asset #3 - 60 Frameworks, Process Maps, and Action Plans (Value: $6,000)
  • Asset #4 - Expert Guidance, Support, and Community (Value: $2,000)
  • Asset #5 - The Small Data Workshop + all future workshops (Value: $2,000) 
  • Asset #6 - The ACES Sessions (Value: $10,000)

Asset #4 On-Demand Support From Vetted Analytics And Advertising Pros

NO MORE losing hours or days surfing forums and sifting through blog articles without finding the solution you need. As an Insider, you’ll get real-time answers and advice for all your analytics and advertising problems and questions.

Simply jump inside our Insiders Facebook group and get help from one of our pros.  Or send us a message, and we'll pull in one of our experts to answer your questions.

Plus, a Direct-Line to our Founder and Leader

Our Insiders "Direct line" allows you to submit any question you have to data-driven marketing authority Jeff Sauer. And in response, you'll get a personalized video from Jeff answering your exact question.  Jeff, no longer does 1-on-1 consulting. So this opportunity is only available to Insiders.

Unlock $29,247 Worth Of Assets when You Join The Insiders - At a mere Fraction of that Price

  • Asset #1 - 7 Data Driven Skill Courses for Google and Facebook Ads (Value: $4,693)
  • Asset #2 - Access to 26 Masterclasses and Monthly workshops (Value: $4,554)
  • Asset #3 - 60 Frameworks, Process Maps, and Action Plans (Value: $6,000)
  • Asset #4 - Expert Guidance, Support, and Community (Value: $2,000)
  • Asset #5 - The Small Data Workshop + all future workshops (Value: $2,000) 
  • Asset #6 - The ACES Sessions (Value: $10,000)

Risk-Free Insiders Guarantee

Come and enjoy your Insiders membership for the next 30 days. If you’re not blown away by the value of this membership, you’re free to cancel. Email support within 30 days of purchase and we will courteously refund your membership fee. Also, both monthly and annual members are always free to cancel their membership before their next payment.

Jeff Sauer

About our founder

Jeff has been working in digital marketing and web analytics since 2005, when he became one of the first people to beta test Google Analytics. He's also an award winning digital advertiser. He's been recognized as one of the top 25 Most Influential People in PPC advertising several times in the past decade.

As a marketer and web analyst, Jeff has helped businesses of all sizes find insights in their marketing data, which they used to achieve and exceed their annual goals.

These days, Jeff is a full-time educator with his online training programs reaching over 50,000 students and helping them master PPC Marketing, Data Analytics, and Agency Business Development.

Data Driven has trained digital marketers in over 1,000 organizations, including:

this is what marketers and Entrepreneurs Just Like you have to say about the Insiders Experience:

The courses are incredible, but more than that, the community, events, perks, and ongoing releases elevate it from a nice-to-have to a must-have. Become a member, and you’ll see!


I want to share with you that I’ve started learning ads and analytics last October and found my first customer in February, starting in May (due to corona). Now having 4 clients and making 5K a month and growing. So keep up the good work and believe in yourself!


I appreciate your support and your priceless content. Hope you reach many others like me. You have no idea how I struggled and failed before meeting you.


I am a little taken back, but was actually promoted last week to Director of Digital Marketing for my current company greatly due to my continued education efforts through programs like yours to grow!


Jeff and the team at Data Driven go so much further than anyone else offering training on similar topics. They don’t do cursory overviews and then upset you on other bigger products. They do deep dives, giving you insight into every step along the process; whether you’re learning about ads, analytics, social media or anything in between. They speak from experience and use anecdotes from real life cases, including their own research. I’ve used their templates to get my campaigns started and that alone has saved me hours of work. When I need to ask a question - the team is always there to backup their products and help me along the rest of the way. Their material is so thorough, so well organized it will inspire you to learn more and to think about how to improve the way you provide your own products and services.


Here's Why Business Owners Are Becoming Insiders


Absorb the expertise of other market leaders during our live workshops. Combine their ideas with yours and create innovative solutions that will show off your aptitude and attract recognition.


Find yourself achieving more in less time as you build new campaigns with  confidence and ease using the Insiders templates. Become more comfortable increasing your rates as the results start to pile up.

DEFEAT Confusion and Overwhelm

Avoid stalling out on indecision or inaction. Instead use a Direct-Line to Data Driven Founder, Jeff Sauer. Get your questions answered thoughtfully and promptly. And get your plans vetted by an expert you can trust.


Block out the "overnight success" fairytales and "shiny objects." Instead, turn  to a community of like minded peers. Gain wisdom, anecdotes, and real life case studies from other marketers who have been where you want to go. And use their legitimate experience to drive your career forward.


Rest easy knowing we have your back. When market shifting changes happen, we’ll be there to explain how to adapt. And, when major platform updates occur, we’ll be working behind the scenes for you. We’ll sort through the opinions and misinformation. And we’ll bring you the actionable expertise you need to keep your business on track.

The Difference Between The Insiders Experience And Everything Else You’ve Tried Is This…

When you become an Insider... you'll finally have instruction and resources that show you how to use marketing data. So you can take the guesswork out of the equation.

Now you’ll know how to find the information you need to make SMART marketing decisions.

You’ll know how to take action on that information and turn it into results.

Also, our concierge service provides you with a focused plan.

When you attend the SMALL Data workshops you get immediate support.

You also get a Framework for setting targets, taking action, and measuring your outcomes.

NO MORE wondering what to do or if you’re on the right track.

You’ll have a plan with a community to support you.

And, you will gain the skills that reduce the time, money, and effort you need to get impressive results from your marketing.

Ask yourself this... 

If all you gained from joining the insiders was this:

  • A plan to 2X your results this year
  • The ability to clearly see the outcome of all your marketing efforts and investments
  • More hours back in the day
  • Frameworks that land you new clients and expand your business
  • Step-by-step advertising plans that use your data to seek out new customers
  • Skills that soar in value as more businesses become hungry for experienced data-driven marketers
  • Access to veteran practitioners who are there to help you anytime you get stuck
  • Trusted and actionable advice that gives you first-mover advantage when the digital landscape shifts overnight
  • Done-for-you reports and calculators that make you look like the smartest person in the room of when you present to stakeholders or clients

Would it be worth it? 

If the answer is "yes," then you're in luck.

Because, this week only you can join the Insiders for half of the normal membership price

And with our 30-day money back guarantee, you risk nothing. 

Also, your 50% discount is NOT a one-time deal.

You get to keep your reduced membership price  for as long as you remain a member.

So later this year, when the membership price increases because the Insiders is packed full of even more resources and frameworks, everyone else will have to pay more.

But you won't because your membership price is locked-in.

So, if you're ready to join the Insiders, now's the absolute best opportunity!

Right Now, you can become an Insider for half the normal Membership Price

50% Off Right now ONLY!



Normal Price $1,999 (50% Off)


  • Seven Data Driven Skill Accelerators
  • Masterclasses and Workshops
  • Done-for-You Frameworks, Templates, and Dashboards
  • Expert Guidance And Support
  • The Small Data Workshops
  • The ACES Sessions
  • 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Total Value: $29,247
Regular Price: $1,999


SAVE $1,002 TODAY!


The secret Weapon behind your high-Performance marketing machine

  • Asset #1 - 7 Data Driven Skill Courses for Google and Facebook Ads (Value: $4,693)
  • Asset #2 - Access to 26 Masterclasses and Monthly workshops (Value: $4,554)
  • Asset #3 - 60 Frameworks, Process Maps, and Action Plans (Value: $6,000)
  • Asset #4 - Expert Guidance, Support, and Community (Value: $2,000)
  • Asset #5 - The Small Data Workshop + all future workshops (Value: $2,000) 
  • Asset #6 - The ACES Sessions (Value: $10,000)

Frequently Asked Questions

Which training programs (online courses) are included in my membership?

There are eight Data Driven Trainings included in the Gold Insider’s membership package:

Six Mastery Level Skill Accelerators:

Google Ads Mastery, Google Analytics Mastery, Tag Manager Mastery, Data Studio Mastery, Google Analytics 2021, and FB Ads Mastery

Two Specialty Course:

FB Ads on A Budget and Intro to Shopping Ads Mastery

New training opportunities are added every single month. 

How often will new material be released?

We release new trainings, masterclasses, and resources every month. Part of the privilege of being a Gold Insider is that you’ll always get immediate access to these new materials when they’re released. And you'll be notified via our Insiders-only newsletter any time a new training, masterclass or resource is released.

How do I submit my questions for Direct Line Consultations?

When you join, you'll receive access to our Insiders-only consultation submission form. You can use the form to provide the details of your questions. Then, we’ll answer questions as they come in.

We’ll include a reminder to submit your question in our Insiders newsletter every week. And as long as you submit your question before the cut off that week, you’ll get an answer the following week.

What happens if I cancel my membership?

If you choose to cancel your membership, you’ll lose access to your Insiders-only resources, as well as your Direct Line consultations, and our consultation archives. You’ll also lose access to any training courses or resources you didn’t previously purchase outright.

We understand changes and unforeseen circumstances come up. So if you need to cancel your membership, you always have the option to do so before your next monthly or annual payment.

BUT… with everything that’s coming your way over the next few months, we doubt you’ll ever want to leave the Data Driven Insiders. Today is just the beginning. Over the next few months, we have a wealth of new masterclasses and resources coming your way.

So, join us today. And buckle up, because it’s going to be a fast and fun ride!

How do I know it’s going to be up to date?

Simple. The Insiders is the place where we provide the most up to date content. By joining this club, you’ll never have to wait for a brand new course “rollout,” or version 2.0. You’ll get the latest and best we have to offer.

But… you’ll also have access to our time-tested training programs. So, if you want to work your way through a disciplined end-to-end, you can do that. And if you want to supplement your knowledge with the latest tips, techniques, and information, you can also do that.

It’s the best of both worlds!!  

Why shouldn't I buy each course individually?

Well, that’s certainly an option. But it would cost you more than twice as much as subscribing to Insiders for one year.

Also, our single course licenses don’t allow you to join our expert Masterclasses or download our newest resources. This is why Insiders is so valuable. You get the courses plus the latest information, techniques, and strategies.

If you’re still not sure if you should buy a course outright or join the Insiders instead, here’s what we recommend… 

...Give the Insiders a try for at least one month. Check out all the courses. Join our workshops. Download the templates, process maps, and resources. If you’re not absolutely hooked after a month, you can still buy the course you want. In fact, if you decide to leave the Insiders, we’ll even let you apply the first month of your membership dues towards the full price of any of our training programs. Bottom line - you have nothing to lose by joining today.

Join the Insiders Today, And enjoy a discount that pays for itself over and over again

50% Off Right Now ONLY!



Normal Price $1,999 (50% Off)


  • Seven Data Driven Skill Accelerators
  • Masterclasses and Workshops
  • Done-for-You Frameworks, Templates, and Dashboards
  • Expert Guidance And Support
  • The Small Data Workshops
  • The ACES Sessions
  • 100% 30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Total Value: $29,247
Regular Price: $1,999


SAVE $1,002 TODAY!