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Complex subjects made easy - Love all of Jeffs courses. He’s good at explaining things and you need someone like that for a complex subject such as analytics. Would highly recommend it.


Data Driven has trained digital marketers in over 1,000 organizations, including:

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Google Analytics 2021...

Industry leading Expertise

Get the expertise you need to use and customize Google Analytics 4 for your business and your clients

Lifetime Access to the Google Analytics 2021 Course

Learn on your on own time - you’ll have forever access to all the lessons and accompanying resources

The Data Driven Google Analytics 2021 Roadmap

A live walkthrough detailing the Data Driven Team’s game plan for implementing and getting the most out of the new GA features as they are released

The GA 4 Migration Checklist

Your step-by-step action plan for migrating your analytics accounts and properties to GA 4... without losing data or crashing your website.

6 Modules | 21 Lessons | 6 Exclusive Resources | 7 Hours of Content

Section 1

What is Google Analytics 4

  • History of Google Analytics
  • The Difference Between GA4 and Previous Versions
  • What You Must Understand about GA4

Section 2

Collecting Data in GA4

  • Creating a GA4 Account and Property
  • How the Code Works and What the Code Does
  • Comparing GA4 Setup and Settings to Universal Analytics
  • Accessing the GA4 Demo Account

Section 3

The GA4 Data Model and Settings

  • Where is that Report I’m Used to Seeing? Events vs. Hits
  • What Events Can do for You (and What They Can’t)
  • Administrator Settings in GA4
  • Navigating the GA4 Reports Interface

Section 4

GA4 Integrations and Extensions

  • Events, Custom Events, and Conversions
  • Integrating Google Ads with GA4
  • Big Query Integration
  • E-Commerce/Monetization Reports Overview

Section 5

Getting the Most Out of Your GA4 Account

  • Setting Up User Properties for Analysis
  • Cleaning up Your Data
  • Measuring and Reporting Conversions
  • Unlocking the Full Power of Ecommerce Reporting
  • More Fun with ECommerce

Section 6

The Business of GA4

  • Business Opportunity: Upgrade Your Clients to GA4

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Very thorough course. I was already Certified when I took the course, but there is so much more to get from Jeff’s videos and insights. And his availability on the Forums is a real benefit. Google Analytics is always moving, it is good to have access to Jeff in near real-time for specific discussions.


About The Instructor

Jeff Sauer

Hi, I’m Jeff Sauer, but you might know me as Jeffalytics. I was one of the first people to beta test Google Analytics in 2005, and have maintained a love for the product ever since.

As a Google Analytics Certified Partner, I helped manage thousands of Google Analytics accounts and provide insights to organizations of all sizes. I am also a partner in a 5x Inc. 5000 Fastest Growing Business award-winning Marketing Agency in St. Paul, MN.

But more importantly… these days, I am a full-time educator. Since 2015, I’ve launched several successful online training programs while helping over 17,000 students master PPC Marketing, Data Analytics, and Agency Business Development.

"My mission is to make learning digital marketing easy and fun for you!"

Google analytics 2021

Your Complete Guide to Using Google Analytics 4 with Confidence and Control

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