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  • Clearly define your business’s 1 year, 3 year, and 5-year revenue goals along with the financial roadmap to get there
  • Pinpoint the service and industry niches to easily attract clients while increasing your profitability
  • Craft a unique selling proposition to make clients (even the ones that have never heard of you before) say “I want that!”
  • Develop and execute a content strategy that will 4X the traffic to your business’s website
  • Build a system to capture more high-quality leads and bring on 1-2 new clients every month
  • Implement a framework to close twice as many sales, without haggling over your rates

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I listened to your advice of starting to speak to people around me about my freelance marketing work and lo and behold add to the mix good providence and now I have clients and some revenue share projects that fully take up my time.

Yakov Pesah

Data Driven has trained digital marketers in over 1,000 organizations, including:

Here's What You'll Find Inside

Project Apollo Recordings...

17 Exclusive Resources | 11 hours of Content | 13 Modules

SECTION 1: Your Moonshot Goal

  • Revenue and Expense Planning
  • Scenario: $200k to $1 Million
  • Scenario: $75k to $300k
  • Accountability Assignment 1: Define Your Moonshot

sECTION 2: Your Growth Scorecard

  • Growth Scorecard Criteria
  • Accountability Assignment 2: Fill Out Your Own Scorecard

SECTION 3: Your Best Services

  • Your Money Makers
  • Keeping and Combining Services
  • Simply the Best (Services)
  • Accountability Assignment 3: Determine Your Best Services

SECTION 4: Perfecting Your Elevator Pitch

  • Research Your Competition
  • Build Your Ideal Client Profile
  • Understand Your Unique Value Proposition (UVP)
  • Crafting Your Elevator Pitches
  • Accountability Assignment 4: Put Your Elevator Pitch to the Test

SECTION 5: Your Target Customer Archetype

  • Target Customer Demographics
  • Target Customer Empathy Map
  • Accountability Assignment 5: Complete Your Target Customer Archetype

SECTION 6: Your Best Solution

  • Why Stories are More Compelling Than Facts
  • Storytelling Frameworks
  • Formats for Solution Delivery
  • Accountability Assignment 6: Develop Your Story Outline & Set a Due Date

SECTION 7: Picking the Low Hanging Fruit with Your Solution

SECTION 8: Your Digital Media Plan

  • Considering Paid Ads Networks for Promoting Services
  • Budget and Results Calculator
  • Paid Ads Playbook: Low Hanging Fruit
  • Accountability Assignment 8: Your Digital Media Plan

SECTION 9: Your Lead Capture and Nurturing Strategy

  • Assets Worthy of an Email Address
  • Lead Capture Landing Pages
  • Your Basic Lead Nurture Sequence
  • Accountability Assignment 9: Develop Your Asset, Capture & Nurture Sequence

SECTION 10: Your Lead Qualification Process

  • Rapid Pre-Qualification
  • To Talk or Not to Talk
  • Your Sales Tech Stack
  • Rounding Out Your Sales Tech Stack
  • Accountability Assignment 10: Build Your Qualification Process

SECTION 11: Your Can’t Miss Offer

  • The Lay of the Land
  • Discovery and Presenting Findings
  • Accountability Assignment 11: Develop Your 1 Hour Free Discovery Process

SECTION 12: Pitching, Estimating, and Closing

  • Your Pitch Deck
  • Your Rate Card and Estimate Builder
  • Delivering Your Proposal
  • Negotiating and Getting Signed Contracts
  • Accountability Assignment 12: Your Pitch Deck and Rate Card

SECTION 13: Your Moonshot Revisited

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Achieve Moonshot growth for your service-based business

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About The Instructor

Jeff Sauer

Hi, I'm Jeff Sauer. I am a Partner at Three Deep Marketing, a 5-time Inc. 5000 award recipient and Inc. Hall of Fame inductee.

I’m also Founder of Jeffalytics and the creator of Data Driven digital marketing programs that have trained over 17,000 students.

As an Agency partner, I helped build a business that grew by millions in revenue and added over 50 employees in just 5 years.

In Agency Jumpstart, I share a proven path to success that’s specific to service based businesses. The program provides you with an action-plan for growing your business, and it's put together by someone who has been in your position and succeeded.


Put a plan into action that will allow you to set and achieve your most ambitious business goals

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